Find Fall Dance Classes At The Dance Movement

Start back to school off right by signing up your daughter for dance classes in Frisco.

Back to school is right around the corner and one way to start kids off on the right track is to find after school programs that will help build self-esteem, make new friends, and learn new skills. The Dance Movement offers a variety of classes in a variety of dance methods where little girls are encouraged to be little girls. Our Fall class schedule is now available and there are plenty of classes still available for little dancers.

With our classes, which range from ballet to musical theater, little girls are encouraged to dress in a conservative, age-appropriate fashion, while enjoying learning the newest dance techniques from top-notch instructors. Our dance classes offer girls the chance to get exercise, improve coordination and flexibility, and learn to dance in a team environment.

There are a number of classes available:

  • Mommy and Me ballet/ tumbling
  • Pre-ballet
  • Pre-ballet and tumbling
  • Ballet and Tap
  • Tap
  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Hip-Hop
  • Musical Theater
  • Lyrical
  • Pom-Squad

Students will receive instructions from instructors who have ample experience in the world of dance. The Dance Movement emphasizes positive, encouraging, and nurturing instruction that will boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem while providing an outlet for kids to burn off extra energy. Time and time again, parents have commented that one thing that sets our dance studio apart is that we choose age-appropriate dance costumes and dances for our students. Our friendly staff and environment will welcome your little dancer with open arms.

In addition to our full schedule of Fall classes, we offer special events like performances and create customized birthday parties. To learn more about us, call 214-509-9000 today.

Birthday Party Places Near McKinney

Looking for a fun, affordable and exciting birthday idea for that little dancer in your life? The Dance Movement is excited to announce themed birthday parties for young children. Complete with games, dancing, and fun for the whole group, The Dance Movement’s birthday parties are not to be missed. With two options for themed birthday parties, there is something for everyone:

  • birthday party places near mckinneyBallet themed birthday party. Guests of your little girl’s birthday party with arrive to a room full of beautiful decorations including a tutu cake table. The parents can relax and visit with each other as they can watch the kids from our easy viewing area. The cute pink dance room includes chairs and a table that is all decorated with a specially decorated chair for the birthday girl. Girls will have a blast dancing with the instructors, playing games, and enjoying a performance at the end of the party. The ballet parties include two instructors and a special gift for the birthday girl.
  • Hip Hop or Pop Star dance birthday party. This high-energy party includes heart-pumping music and lots of fun for the busy and active little girl in your life. Guests hear the beats of fun music from the parking lot as they enter the building. This party includes a super fun photo booth complete with costumes and props where friends and families can take photos to commemorate the party. Guests gather in the disco room for a fun dance lesson and performance where music is playing, lights are flashing and the disco ball is shining. The party continues in the pink room where the tables and chairs are decorated and a special seat is decorated for the birthday girl. The birthday girl will have a blast and even gets a special gift.

Birthday parties at The Dance Movement provide kids with a safe and super fun environment for a birthday party that your child will never forget. Learn more about our birthday parties or contact us now.

Join The Dance Movement For Summer Fun

Join Us For Themed Summer Camps At The Dance Movement

It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year, but summer is just days away and the kids will be out of school! Summer camps can be a great way to keep the kiddos busy while helping them improve their social skills, enhance their creativity, and make new friends. Our summer schedule is out, and we’re on track to have a great summer with our dancers!

Our McKinney dance studio, The Dance Movement, offers affordable and fun 3-week summer workshops, 4-day summer camps, and 8-week summer courses. Our classes cater to children from ages 2 to teenager, so there is something for everyone. These summer camps encourage physical exercise and movement, self-confidence, camaraderie and coordination. This year, we have several themed summer camps that the kids will just love:

  • Totally Trolls features classes 2 times a week with those lovable trolls, with “troll hair” and a fun performance at the end.
  • Beauty and the Beast is a specialty ballet class twice a week with costumes, a set, and a lovely performance at the end.
  • Pop Star camp for 6-10 year old’s happens 4 days a week and teaches girls fun jazz and hip-hop movements with students featured in a music video shot at the studio.
  • Princess Camp, perfect for ages 3-5, features ballet, tap and jazz with princess games and activities, perfect for those wannabe princesses.
  • Broadway Bound teaches kids ages 7 and up how to fine-tune their stage presence, with a focus on jazz, tap, improvisation and more.
  • Fairy Tale Ballet features fairy tale costumes and lots of fun for little dancers ages 2 and 3. This Mommy and Me class includes famous fairy tale stories of Cinderella, Snow White, and lots of dancing and fun.
  • Hip Hop Classes. In addition to our camps, we feature both teen and adult hip hop dance classes this summer. This class is a great workout and includes the modern and high-energy dance movements of hip hop.

Join us for our themed summer camps and classes at The Dance Movement. Register your child now!

Summer Dance Camps and Classes At The Dance Movement

Spring is here and it’s time to start thinking about what you have planned for your kids this summer. If you are looking for a McKinney dance studio with summer camps with fun themes and exciting classes, The Dance Movement has something for every kid this summer. Our summer schedule is out, so learn more about what we have to offer.

mcKinney dance studioThe Dance Movement is a McKinney dance studio that offers fun and affordable 3-week summer workshops, 4-day summer camps, and 8-week summer courses. With offerings for kids from ages 2 to teenager, there are a variety of courses that will encourage physical exercise and movement, self-confidence, camaraderie and coordination.

In addition to the offerings above, The Dance Movement is offering a few themed camps that children will love. “Totally Trolls” features classes 2 times a week with “troll hair” and a fun performance at the end. “Beauty and the Beast” is a specialty ballet class twice a week with costumes, a set, and a lovely performance at the end.

Pop Star camp for 6-10 year olds happens 4 days a week and teaches girls glitz, glam and fun jazz, hip-hop with the highlight with students featured in a music video shot at the studio. Princess Camp, for ages 3-5, features ballet, tap and jazz with princess games and activities. For ages 7 to teen, Broadway Bound teaches older kids how to fine-tune their stage presence, with a focus on jazz, tap, improvisation and more.

With all of these exciting events, your kids will love our summer programs at The Dance Movement. Register your child now!

Find Classes At The Dance Movement

The Dance Movement: Where Little Girls Can Be Little Girls

At The Dance Movement, we believe that little girls should be encouraged to be little girls and not older, more mature girls, which is why we encourage our dancers to present themselves in a conservative fashion.

Looking for dance classes in Frisco? Call us at (214) 509-9000.

Our owner Lori Boldt designed The Dance Movement to fulfill a need for a dance studio that addresses issues like studios that encourage girls to act and dress older than their ages.

“We believe little girls should dance like little girls, and older dancers should present themselves in a conservative fashion. Our ideology is reflected in our music, costumes, and choreography.”

In addition to offering professional instruction in a variety of dance styles, the instructors at The Dance Movement are committed to finding age-appropriate dance movements, costumes, and behavior. Students are taught skills like grace, coordination, rhythm, strength, and teamwork in a positive, self-esteem building atmosphere.

Classes are offered year-round and feature instruction by some of the best teachers in the industry. The Dance Movement offers classes like ballet, Mommy and me ballet, pre-ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, musical theater, combination classes and more. Many girls even have the opportunity to participate in performances throughout the year as well.

Instructors will unleash the potential of each girl and encourage them to hone their dance skills and their energy while ensuring a safe, fun, and positive environment. To learn more about our classes, instructors, and our ideology, call (214) 509-9000 to speak to one of our instructors.

Young Girls Can Get Moving At Hip Hop Dance Classes Near Plano

hip hop classes plano txIf you’ve been looking for hip hop dance classes nearby, you’ll find a class for every energetic girl at The Dance Movement. Offering some of the funnest, most supportive classroom settings in the area, our hip hop dance instructors will encourage individual growth, team spirit, and great exercise.

Perfect for ages 6 to teen, our hip hop classes feature a blend of free-style and high-energy movement that is based on the latest styles, while incorporating jazz dance technique. The classes run from 45 minutes to 1 hour weekly and encourage dancers to express themselves and learn to work as a dance unit. Ideal for young girls who enjoy the more energetic dance alternatives to ballet or jazz, hip hop dance is a class that is brimming with fun and features spirited music, animated movement, and vibrant dancing.

As with all of our classes, students are asked to wear comfortable, conservative, and appropriate activewear for practices. We believe that dancers should be dressed in an age appropriate manner and should not be encouraged to wear outfits that make them appear older or more mature than they really are. Students will have opportunities to perform for parents and potentially at other venues.

Hip hop class can help build confidence, self-esteem, promote coordination and musicality and best of all, students can make new friends. Our instructors treat every child with respect, while challenging them to always do their best.

Our classes feature the finest instructors and a fun and supportive atmosphere for students. To learn more about our Plano, TX hip hop dance studio, contact us at (214) 509-9000.

There Is A Ballet Class For Everyone At The Dance Movement In Plano

ballet studio planoThe Dance Movement is a top-notch ballet studio in Plano, Texas that has some of the best dance instructors and classes in the Plano area. Offering premier ballet classes for children as young as two years old, The Dance Movement offers an introduction to ballet that will keep girls engaged and dancing for years. The Dance Movement offers a variety of ballet classes for every student:

  • Mommy and Me classes. Offering Mom and her little one a chance to get active and have lots of fun, The Dance Studio offers Mommy and Me Ballet Classes. Perfect for little girls ages 2 and 3 and their Mommies, these classes are 45 minutes long once a week and teach kids the basics of ballet while enhancing motor skills, coordination, and balance. Best of all, children won’t be intimidated as Mom is present for the entire class.
  • Ballet and Tumbling Classes for 3 and 4 year olds. Called Pre-Ballet and Pre-Ballet and Tumbling, these classes help children in this special and energetic age group learn to love to dance while encouraging them to hone their balance and motor coordination skills. In either a stand-alone ballet class or a ballet class that is combined with tumbling, your little dancer will love to learn the beautiful and active movements of ballet or the rhythm and exuberance required for tumbling!
  • Ballet and Tap Classes For 4 two 8 year olds. Running 45 minutes or an hour weekly, this fun class combines tap and ballet dancing lessons that aim at teaching kids coordination and rhythm while helping them build strength. The variety of this class is sure to keep your child interested and having fun.
  • Ballet Classes for ages 6 to teenage. For older or more advanced students, this class emphasizes grace and flexibility while providing locomotor training, barre exercises and center work to help develop the skills of the dancer. For ballet students who attend more than twice per week, there are additional opportunities to perform in stage productions.

Our classes feature the finest instructors and a fun and supportive atmosphere for students. To learn more about our Plano, TX ballet studio, contact us at (214) 509-9000.

Your Kids Will Love The Dance Movement – Plano Dance Studio

plano dance studioThe Dance Movement is a premier Plano dance studio that offers a range of classes for children in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and musical theatre for ages 2-teen and has been proudly serving Plano and the surrounding areas since 2002. Your kids will have plenty of reasons to share in the love of dance here:

#1. Our instructors are the best in the business.

They not only love to dance and have expertise and real-life education and experience—they love to teach too! Both teaching and a love of children go hand in hand and our instructors love to watch children grow and learn in their passion for all things dance!

#2. Kids will learn fun, friendship and self-confidence.

Teachers will not only teach kids to dance, they will inspire your kids to be confident in front of fellow students, teachers, and even an audience every now and then. Your children will also love to make new friends that share in their love of dance.

#3. Your kids will feel safe here.

We believe strongly that little girls should dance like little girls and not wear costumes or dance in ways that are too sophisticated for their age. We also feel like older dancers should act in a conservative fashion. Our core ideologies will keep your child protected, safe and secure as we emphasize conservative costumes, choreography, and music.

#4. We foster a nurturing environment.

We want your children to succeed in dance, but we also want them to simply love it and have fun. That’s why our instructors use positive feedback and instruction when interacting with dance students. We also think that they type of instruction should be based on age as well, so we tailor our instructors and instruction style to the children’s’ age group.

To learn more about our Plano dance studio, contact us at (214) 509-9000.

Five Things To Look For In A Great Dance Studio For Kids

If you’ve been thinking about enrolling your little girl in tap, ballet or other musical dance classes, it’s important to do some research, meet the instructors and tour the school. There are a number of dance studios in Plano, Texas, but you want to choose the right one for your child.

Here are some tips about what to look for in a great dance studio for kids:

  1. Do the instructors have experience and do they love kids? Making sure your child is under the best supervision possible is very important when choosing a dance school. If they’ve got experience with teaching dance to children, they will be a better choice. Also, they have to love the children.
  2. Ask some fellow parents. If you’ve narrowed down your choices for dance schools, ask the dance school to give you the contact information of parents who have their children enrolled in that school. They will be highly qualified to give you opinions about what that school is really like.
  3. Does the school offer what your child wants? Some dance schools only focus on ballet while others offer a variety of classes like tap dancing or musical theater. Talk to you child before you tour schools so that you know what she’s hoping to learn.
  4. Find out if the school matches with your values. Perhaps you’re concerned that your little girl will be forced to wear racy costumes during her dance recitals. Or, as a parent, you might be worried about your daughter being encouraged to perform at a location you don’t approve of. It’s important to gather as much information as you can before you make a decision.
  5. Make sure you can handle the schedule. Unless you’re doing private lessons, most dance schools have a fixed schedule. Be sure that you can make it to as many of the dance season lessons as you can so that your daughter can make the most of her experience.

The Fall dance season has started! To learn more about The Dance Movement, call 214-509-9000 or visit .