The Dance Movement: Where Little Girls Can Be Little Girls

At The Dance Movement, we believe that little girls should be encouraged to be little girls and not older, more mature girls, which is why we encourage our dancers to present themselves in a conservative fashion.

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Our owner Lori Boldt designed The Dance Movement to fulfill a need for a dance studio that addresses issues like studios that encourage girls to act and dress older than their ages.

“We believe little girls should dance like little girls, and older dancers should present themselves in a conservative fashion. Our ideology is reflected in our music, costumes, and choreography.”

In addition to offering professional instruction in a variety of dance styles, the instructors at The Dance Movement are committed to finding age-appropriate dance movements, costumes, and behavior. Students are taught skills like grace, coordination, rhythm, strength, and teamwork in a positive, self-esteem building atmosphere.

Classes are offered year-round and feature instruction by some of the best teachers in the industry. The Dance Movement offers classes like ballet, Mommy and me ballet, pre-ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, musical theater, combination classes and more. Many girls even have the opportunity to participate in performances throughout the year as well.

Instructors will unleash the potential of each girl and encourage them to hone their dance skills and their energy while ensuring a safe, fun, and positive environment. To learn more about our classes, instructors, and our ideology, call (214) 509-9000 to speak to one of our instructors.

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